Honor Eagles

Standing Force (just in case, found a chapter here)
Founding: 32nd Millennium
Progenitor: Ultramarines
Altered Gene-Seed (Disturbing Voice)
Demeanor: Brothers in Battle (loyal to, and willing to die for, all space marines)
Flaw: Faith in Suspicion (will not work with the Imperial Guard)
Hero of Legend: Chapter Master of old, defeated a rebel army of IG and brought a whole sector back into the Emperor’s Light
Homeworld: Desert Feral World, Stewardship by Chapter

Divergent Codex

Combat Doctrine: Drop Pod
Codex Restrcitions: No Devastator Marines
Special Equipment: Blessed Wargear
Chapter Beliefs: Emperor Above All
Chapter Strength: Normal
Chapter Friends: White Scars
Chapter Enemies: Renegade Imperial Guards

Chapter Advance: No Respite to the Enemy

Honor Eagles

Prequel to Crusade Cthulhuvong Cthulhuvong