Adepta Sororitas Orders

List of the orders of the Adepta Sororitas in the Ixaniad Sector. All are considered members of the Convent Sanctorum.


Order of the Sanguine Robes

  • Orders Militant
  • Based on Thorne
  • main military force of the Adepta Sororitas in the sector

Order of the Serene Chalice

  • Orders Hospitaller
  • Based on Entheo
  • Run many major hospitals and clinics throughout the Sector

Order of the Gate and Key

  • Orders Famulous
  • Based on Leveh
  • Maintain households of Imperial Governors and nobles
  • Serve as advisors to many leaders in the sector

Order of the Veiled Discourse

  • Orders Dialogous
  • Based on Corvadonga
  • Translate dialects and slang throughout the sector

Order of Perpetual Grace

  • Orders Pronatus
  • Based on Jarnefeldt
  • Retrieving and Guarding artifacts of the past

Order of the Holy Books

  • Orders Sabine
  • Based in Crusade Fleet
  • Missionaries on newly discovered worlds

Adepta Sororitas Orders

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